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Swansea University has been in the heart of the city since 1920. Our aim is to give students the best research and training possibilities achievable as well as an excellent quality of life. The student experience is undeniably important to a lot of young people and can ‘make or break’ their decision to choose a University.
Swansea University has a come a long way since 1920 with over 20,000 students enrolled in 2016. This number is set to increase as the University aims to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in higher education regardless of their social or economic background. With this in mind, communities close to the campuses have expanded and adjusted to welcome students. Integrating younger persons who are learning how to become adults into an already adult community can be tricky and Swansea University is continually appreciative to the local people for their patience and support, whilst we work hard to remedy any issues that do arise.

If you experience any problems which you need assistance with, please visit this page.

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